AXL Software RADIUS Client API V3

AXL RADIUS Client Version 3 API

(Current Version )

Widely used to simplify RADIUS server access in Java or Java enabled applications. This API (application programming interface) helps you build a RADIUS client into any Java program, from mobile devices to applications.

Note: although V4 of the client has been released V3 will be available for quite some time for those who prefer the older API and a slightly smaller client. Applicable internal improvements will be applied to V3 to keep it up to date with the RFC’s.

Requires JDK 1.4 or greater.

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  • Supported authentication methods:
    RSA ACE RADIUS Server (now known as SecureId) Support (or any multiple challenge authentication method)
    Digest Authentication (as described in draft-sterman-aaa-sip-00.txt)
  • Extremely flexible attribute manipulation
  • Vendor-Specific attributes supported through VendorSpecific class
    Includes long tag support (16 bit) and Salt-Encryption of RADIUS Attributes.
  • Message-Authenticator attribute support (required by EAP)
  • Highly informative display of attributes for debugging
  • RADIUS dictionary support
  • Proven interoperability
  • Disconnect(DM) & Change of Authorization(CoA) messages are supported in the client as described in RFC 3576 ‘Dynamic Authorization Extensions to RADIUS’
  • DM/CoA requests can also be made by the client. This works well in applications using the Cisco